I just had this happen to me twice today. A chat window pops up in facebook from a friend of yours with the following wording:

Hello ,how are you doing? I actually want to ask you something, did you hear about the Facebook Anniversary Promo in collaboration Powerball Lottery? because I receive a Promo Winning Check of $50,000 dollars from the Facebook Winning powerball Organization Agency. I was told that my Facebook Profile was selected randomly from there winning game Jackpot. I saw your name on their winning list when they visit my house for Winning Package Delivery and I was told you are also a winner and you will also be given a winning payment prize. You just have to send an email to Mr John Dave on, (claimwinnings50@gmail.com) , You can also send a text to the agents at +1(561)-246-5348, to confirm your name on the winning list

There are a few variations of the text message, but it will be telling you to email someone who is using some free email address that anyone can create from hotmail, gmail, or another free email service.

Basically it’s a phishing scam where they will want some of your personal information probably so they can steal your identity. Don’t fall for it folks. Look closely at the wording and you’ll see it’s riddled with mistakes, like English isn’t their first language.

Also don’t bother talking to the person in this chat window because it isn’t the friend you think it is. Try clicking on the name at the top of the chat window – this should take you to your friend’s profile page, but you’ll get an error message saying this profile doesn’t exist. Look at the url and it will be your friend’s facebook page url with a few number added to the end.

Not sure if they’ve had their passwords compromised but it wouldn’t hurt to change your password if someone tells you they’ve received a message like the above from you. Next time don’t fall for phishing scams!